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Posted 5214 days ago...(Monday, October 20th, 2008)

Relevant Elephants posts 100th Cartoon!

Woohoo! Relevant Elephants has been a webcomic since March, and I just posted my 100th cartoon! Who knew I had enough going on in my imagination to keep generating...something...every few days. Okay, if I'm really honest about it, it's not my imagination that did it, I think it's more the fact that I leave the house every day. For instance, one of my favorite cartoons is about the cactopus: http://www.relevantelephants.com/comic/47. On some level, I feel like the collective unconscious spoke through Whole Foods and gave me that one. I was minding my own business, grocery shopping one day, and a woman walked by me quickly enough so that the doppler effect applied to her words. I heard "blah blah blah CACTOPUS blah blah." I swear she said 'cactopus.' I walked along through the gluten-free cracker section and thought about the trials a cactopus might have in the world, and out came the cartoon. Truth be told, the only loofah in our bathroom was a 're-gift' we got at some party, and it always seems so lonely in there, not getting to exfoliate anyone. Now it has an imaginary magical creature friend. Or partner. Or lover. Not sure how that's going for them...

Anyway, that imaginary pairing would never have happened had I not left the house. Same with this one: http://www.relevantelephants.com/comic/39--It's called "Of Downward-Facing Dog Parks." This happened at a yoga retreat. I looked up from some asana and found someone's butt blooming into my field of vision and thought..."hmmm, this is like a dog park--I feel like I know that woman better now." So, as you can see, most cartoons just kind of happen out in the world. You just have to be paying attention. You'd be shocked at how well you pay attention to this kind of thing if you have committed yourself to coming up with something to draw every couple of days. In fact, I'm beginning to think that's what the whole creative process boils down to: make a commitment and get some witnesses. It's worked 100 times so far. I'm crossing my fingers for 100 more. Well, crossing my fingers and leaving the house.

Here I go, back out into the world, searching for cartoons... Drop me a line if you want to say hello: cartoonist@relevantelephants.com

Have a fabulous week!

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