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  Bird-In-An-Owl-Suit-Icon Bird in an Owl Suit
How did the bird get in the owl suit? Can the bird still fly? Wouldn't it be hot in an owl suit? And aren't owls birds anyway? All of these questions (except for those last two) and more will be answered when you read Bird in an Owl Suit.
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  The Starfish with Attachment Disorder
Starla was a star on Orion's Belt when her mother (also part of the Belt) supernovaed and became a black hole. With the black hole sucking all of her twinkle rays away, Starla loses hope and lets go of her place in the sky. She falls into the ocean and becomes a starfish. But instead of being able to attach to things in order to get nutrients, Starla finds she can't attach, and embarks on a therapeutic journey with psychotherapist Dr. Barney Acle, a barnacle, and leader in the area of attachment theory. You'll just have to read it to find out how it ends...
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  Fertie-Icon The Ongoing Saga of Fertie and the Uterus
Read all about the adventures of Fertie, a fertilized egg who is trying to find a home in the owner's recently gentrified uterus, but once the Pottery Barn gets built, it becomes more and more difficult for Fertie to implant, I mean, find a condo to buy.
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  Somatic Sniper
Find out what happens when a power-hungry practitioner starts using her somatic assessments for evil and not good. Be afraid, be very afraid. It's NOT just an assessment, it's an assassination of your character. But on the plus side, the world now has its first somatic supervillain.
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