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Dear Community,

I’ve been trying to find a way to cultivate more community around my meditation practice and have decided to create a meditation/spiritual community using Twitter. This is my commitment: each weekday morning at 7:30 AM, PST, I will tweet my intention for the day and then sit for 20 minutes. I invite you to join me for part or all of that. Participation is pretty scalable to accommodate a range of interests, capacity and time zones:

* You can tweet and then sit with me, at the same time, 7:30 AM, PST
* You can just tweet your intention for the day

• You can tweet your commitment to your own spiritual practice and then tweet an update every day once you’ve completed your practice

My hope is that we can create a community based on intention and spirit, framed loosely by technology. I don’t think it matters so much when we actually meditate, or tweet, or what spiritual practice each of us is engaged with. What I’m hoping to cultivate is a sense of connection to other folks around the planet who are engaged in spiritual practice, who take some time each day to set an intention and connect with spirit. The structure I’m adding around it also helps to keep me accountable for doing my practice, instead of just thinking it would be a good idea to practice and then not practicing. ;-)

I am realizing that a huge part of my spiritual practice is about connection and relationship with other humans. So, even while I am meditating alone at home in Northern California, I am also staying present with other humans around the world who are practicing. The technology part, well, that’s just another way to make that presence more concrete. It’s also an opportunity to contribute to one another by practicing holding not just our own, but each others' intentions.

Why Twitter? Every day I am faced with the reality that I’ve allowed technology to replace some important brain functions, like, for example, memory. And I’m not actually sure how I navigated the world before google. (Truth be told, I woke up this morning and googled “how to let go of resentment” on my iPhone before I even got out of bed.) But the idea of a Twitter-based spiritual community is an intentional use of technology to connect with other people, rather than an unconscious use of technology that is ultimately isolating. I like that Twitter gets right to the point and doesn’t fill my inbox with an overload of information, and also that I don’t have to be anywhere near my computer to check in.

I hope you will consider joining me. Here is the pertinent info:

Twitter ID: murbrum
Conversation: #meditweet
Start date: Friday, February 5, 2010


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